by Zyklus

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I cycle around my death.
Abandonment is abound.
I'm bound to go around and around
It, itself. Its selfish ways
Are mean to me. Anemic
Mickey, he just watches, as is the
Way. Weighing me meanly, whilst I
Tricycle around my death.

[All mine, with this all, and my whistle with Thistle.
With hymenoptera - with it all behind ya, with whistle, Thistle.
With this higher hymenoptera Thistle. With Thistle
Whistling, and tune up my with higher. This is all
My Thistle. This is all my hymenoptera, with this
Thistle. And this with all whistle, this higher, to my
Away hympenoptera. This all, little this Thistle Kid.

I cycle around my death, like
Bleeding, I seem to be my
Tone-deaf pillow.
I'm sighing around my life with
Village based nuns.
Bleakly, I go to sleep with
Desmond, and I die.


released December 1, 2016
Composition: Zyklus
Music and Lyrics: Drew Woolley, Shaun Woof.

Guitar, Vocals - Drew Woolley.
Percussion - Shaun Woof.

Recorded and Produced by Mark Dela Pena.
Recording and Production assisted by Jake Savins.


Zyklus would especially like to thank Mark Dela Pena for innumerable acts of generosity. The countless hours of recording, the endless evenings of mixing, the sound advice regarding production, and the general commitment without which this record wouldn't be possible.

Our thanks is also owed to Jake Savins for his overwhelming support and assistance during the creation of this record. His overseeing of the recording and production made this experience undoubtedly more constructive and rewarding.

Obviously our friends and families for their support and encouragement, especially Darrel for his ideas, propositions, enthusiasm, and passion for the music which never seems to exhaust him.



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Zyklus Perth, Australia

With an array of cross-disciplinary influences, Zyklus aim to achieve a distinctly grey sound, comprised of harsh dissonance, minimal instrumentation, elusive melody, and often violent gestures within the context of notably spacious forms. Lyrically, thematic material can be bleakly evocative, incorporating opaque metaphor, and consistent reference to the cheerless Mundane. ... more

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